Michelin 3 Star Ratings & Recs

Since I’ve found Michelin 3 Star ratings highly inconsistent and really hit or miss (Michelin Guide criticisms), I’ve created the 3starbackpacker guide to the world’s Michelin 3 Star Restaurants, inclusive of my own personal ratings and recommendations for what’s worth checking out. Links with photos and reviews all a work in progress, but for now, a few 3 Star photos below to enjoy in addition to the 3starbackpacker guide.

Restaurant Country Rating Recommend
Akelare Spain B+
Al Sorriso Italy B-
Alain Ducasse (New York) U.S. B+ (closed)
Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee France B
Arpege France B
Astrance France B-
Auberge de L’Il (Illhaeusern) France B+/A- yes
Auberge des Cimes France A-/A yes
Bernard Loiseau (La Cote d’Or) France A/A- yes
Bras France A- yes
Bruneau Belgium B-
Buerehiesel France B-
Can Fabes France B/B-
Caprice Hong Kong B-
Comme Chez Soi Belgium B+/A-
Dal Pescatore Italy B+
Daniel U.S. B/B-
De Karmeliet Belgium A-/B+ yes
De Librije Netherlands B/B+
Dieter Muller (Bergisch Galdbach) Germany A/A- yes
El Bulli Spain A- yes
Enoteca Pinchiorri Italy A-/A yes
Fat Duck UK A- yes
French Laundry U.S. B+/B
Georges Blanc France B-
Gordon Ramsay UK B+/B
Guy Savoy France B-/B
Heinz Winkler Germany A- yes
Hof Van Cleve Belgium B+/B
Jean Georges U.S. B/B-
Joel Robuchon (Tokyo) Japan A-/B+ yes
Joel Robuchon (Vegas) U.S. B+/A- yes
L’Ambroisie France A- yes
L’Arnsbourg (Baerenthal) Hotel K France A-/B+ yes
L’Esperance France A- yes
L’Osier Japan B-
La Cote St Jacques France A- yes
La Maison du Marc Veyrat France A-/A yes
La Pergola Italy B+ yes
Lameloise France B/B-
Le Bernardin U.S. B
Le Calandre Italy B/B+
Le Cinq George V France B+/A- yes
Le Grand Vefour France B/B+
Le Louis XV (Alain Ducasse) Monaco B+/B yes
Le Meurice France A/A- yes
Le Pont de Brent Switzerland B+/A- yes
Le Pre Catalan France B
Ledoyen France B/B+
Les Loges de l’Aubergade France A yes
Les Maisons de Bricourt France B-
Lung King Heen Hong Kong B-
Maison Pic France A-/A yes
Martin Berasategui Spain A-/A yes
Masa U.S. B+ yes
Michel Guerard Les pre d’Eugenie France A yes
Oud Sluis Netherlands A-/B+ yes
Paul Bocuse France B/B-
Per Se U.S. B+/B
Philippe Rochat (Hotel de Ville) Switzerland B/B-
Pierre Gagnaire France B+/A- yes
Restaurant Arzac Spain A- yes
Sant Pau Spain A/A- yes
Schwarzwaldstube (Baiersbronn) Germany B
Sonnora Germany B+/B
Sukiyabashi Jiro Japan B+
Sushi Mizutani Japan B
Taillevent France B
Troisgros France B+/A- yes
Vendome Germany B+
Victors (Scholss Berg) Germany B+/A-
Waterside Inn UK B
Yukimura Japan A- yes
Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester (London) UK
Aqua (Woflsburg) Germany
Bristol (Paris) France
Chihana (Kyoto) Japan
Da Vittorio (Bergamo) Italy
El Celler de Can Roca (Girona) Spain
Esaki (Tokyo) Japan
Gastehaus Erfort (Saarbrucken) Germany
Hajime (Osaka) Japan
Hamadaya (Tokyo) Japan
Hyotei (Kyoto) Japan
Ishikawa (Tokyo) Japan
Kanda (Tokyo) Japan
Kikunoi Honten (Kyoto) Japan
Kitcho Arashiyama (Kyoto) Japan
Koju (Tokyo) Japan
L’Auberge du Vieux Puits (Fontjoncouse) France
Le Petit Nice (Marseilles) France
Mizai (Kyoto) Japan
Quintessence (Tokyo) Japan
Restaurant Amador (Langen) Germany
Restaurant Bareiss (Baiersbronn) Germany
Robuchon a Galera (Macau) Macau
Sushi Saito (Tokyo) Japan
Tsuruya (Kyoto) Japan

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